Pneumatic ATC cnc router
◆ Pneumatic tool change
◆ Air-cooling spindle for maintenance free
◆ Vacuum table for quick replace workpiece
Cnc router feature:
1. Whole weld steel structure vibration aging treatment of metal, Use for a long time will never be out of shape.
2. Adopt imported Hiwin linear rail, keep high precision.
3. Extra thicker gantry,Use for a long time will never be out of shape.
4. NcStudio operating system ensure high control precision and running speed, easy to learn.
5. Pneumatic tool change, fast and accurate. Through change spindle to change tool, greatly reduce the price than ATC spindle.
6. Powerful spindle for high speed cutting, mini spindle for high resonlution engraving, reasonable change for save power.
6. Optional cheap stepper motor or high precision servo motor.

Machine Parameters:


Furniture decoration,Musical Instruments industry,wooden crafts industry,large area plank plane sculpture,

solid wood furniture, annatto furniture, real wood art mural, density board paint free door, Wood composite 

door,wardrobe,cabinets, besidecupboard,screen engravingand so on.

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