1325 Carrousel Type ATC CNC Router
Carrousel ATC CNC Router is round type automatic tool changing system,Auto tool-changer magazine holds 12 pcs of units, will take the shortest path between any two tools, allowing the quickest change times possible. The tool-changer eliminates the need for the operator to stop the machine to change tools manually, allowing the program to continue uninterrupted.

Cnc router feature:

•ATC CNC router uses a steel structure machine frame which is solderless jointed. As a result, the machine frame provides good rigidity and will not deform easily.
•Intelligent sensor system, automatically sense whether the tool in the spindle, can avoid the collision and faulty operation.
 •Automatically senses whether the pressure could meet the requirements, and is with the function of lower pressure alarming.
•The system automatically remember the location of the tool and tool length. It only need to re-measure the tool length for every time tool changing.

Machine Parameters:


Furniture decoration,Musical Instruments industry,wooden crafts industry,large area plank plane sculpture,

solid wood furniture, annatto furniture, real wood art mural, density board paint free door, Wood composite 

door,wardrobe,cabinets, besidecupboard,screen engravingand so on.

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